Arms and Crests

Spooner-Lillingston Coat of Arms

Biographical Texts

20th Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans
Biographies of Notable Americans, 1904
Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI)
Colonial and Revolutionary Families of PA
Descendents of Gibson
Dr. William Spooner of Watertown, MA
Encyclopedia of American Biography
Genealogical History of Robert Starkweather
History of The Lincoln Family
John Coit Spooner
Lysander Spooner
Steven Spooner - Sangerville, ME
Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, RI
Thomas Stanton and His Descendents
Vermont Men
Virginia Biographical Encyclopedia

Births, Deaths & Marriages

AK Marriages to 1850
AK Polk County Marriages 1901-1905
AL Deaths, 1908-59
AL Marriages, 1800-1920
CA Births, 1905-1910
CA Deaths, 1940-1997
CA Sacramento Bee Obits 1998-1999
CA San Diego Tribune Obits 1998-1999
CA Howell Spooner Obit
CA Merced County Deaths 1852-1999
CA Spooner Brides, 1960-1985
Canadian Death Register
Canadian Marriages
CO Colorado Springs Gazette Obits 1997-2000
CO Denver Rocky Mtn News Obits 1998-1999
CT Death Index 1949-1996
CT Marriages to 1800
CT Hartford Currant Obits 1998
FL Marriages 1850-1875
FL Ft Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel Obits 1993-1999
GA Deaths 1919-1998
GA Marriages to 1850
GA Marriages 1851-1900
IA Marriages
IA Marriages 1851-1900
IA Marriages to 1850
IA Desmoines Death Register 1990-1999
IL Marriages to 1850
IL Springfiled State Journal-Register Obits 1993-1999
IL Statewide Marriage Index, 1763-1900
IN Births 1880
IN Marriages to 1850
IN Marriages 1845-1920
Indiana State Library - Marriages to 1850
Kansas Marriages and Deaths
KY Deaths 1911 - Present
KY Marriages to 1850
KY Marriages 1851-1900
KY Marriages 1973-1993
KY Northern Marriages 1795-1850
LA Marriages to 1850
MA Boston Births, 1700-1800
MA Boston, Massachusetts Marriages, 1700-1809
MA Marriages to 1800
MA Newburyport Births to 1850
MA Newburyport Marriages to 1850
MA Town Births
MA+NH Miscellaneous Births
MA Town Deaths
MA Town Marriages
MA Boston Herald (Massachusetts) Obituaries, 1991-2000
MA Centinal Marriage Notices 1784-1840
MA Lysander Spooner Obit
MA Quincy Patriot Ledger Obits 1993-1999
MA Worcester Telegram Obits 1990-1999
ME Marriages to 1875
ME Marriages 1892 to 1996
ME Deaths 1960-1996
MI Deaths 1867-1882
MI Deaths 1971-1996
MI Marriages 1851-1875
MO Marriages
MO St. Louis Marriages 1804-1876
MO Marriages to 1850
MO Boone County Obituaries
MO Kansas City Star Obits 1991-1999
MN Rice County Births 1870-1874
MN Deaths 1908-1955
MS Marriages 1826-1900
MT Deaths 1989-1998
NB Omaha World Herald Obits 1998-1999
NC Deaths 1970-1974
NC Deaths 1975
NC Deaths 1976-1977
NC Deaths 1978
NC Deaths 1979-1982
NC Deaths 1983-1987
NC Deaths 1988-1992
NC Deaths 1993-1996
NC Marriage Bonds 1741-1868
NC Marriages to 1825
NC Marriages 1827-1900
NC Wilmington Star-News Obits 1998-1999
NJ Nergen County Record Obits 1990-1999
NY Births & Baptisms Eastern Region 1660-1916
NY Births & Baptisms Southeast Region 1660-1916
NY New York City Births 1891-1902
NY Albany Union Times Obits 1998-2000
OH Deaths 1913-1937
OH Deaths 1958-1969
OH Deaths 1989-1991
OH Deaths 1992
OH Marriages 1803-1900
OH Toledo Lucas County Death Index 1894-1897
OR Deaths 1903-1998
OR Marriages 1906-1920
PA Marriages to 1790
PA Marriages to 1810
PA Harrisburg Patriot Obituaries, 1990-2000
PA Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal Obits 1990
PA Berks County Marriages, 1885-1929
RI Providence Journal Obits 1998-1999
RI Births 1636-1930
RI Deaths 1630-1930
SC Rock Hill Obits 1991
SD Births 1800-1900
SD Birth Index, Pre 1900
TN Marriages 1851-1900
TN Marriages to 1825
TN Knoxville News-Sentinnel Obits 1994-2000
TN Nashville Tennessean Obits 1998-1999
TX Deaths 1964-1998
TX Ft Worth Star-Telegram Obits
VA Marriages 1740-1850
VA Marriages to 1800
VT Deaths 1989-1996
WA News-Tribune Obits 1998-1999
WA Spokane Spokesman Review Obits 1998-1999
WI Births 1820-1907
WI Deaths 1820-1907
WI Marriages 1835-1900
WI Marriages Pre-1907
WI Journal-Sentinal Obits 1998-1999
Washington DC Marriages 1826-1850
Washington DC Marriages to 1825
United States Marriages 1785-1794
Miscellaneous Spooner Marriages
Miscellaneous Spooner Obits
Miscellaneous Spooner Obits 2
Miscellaneous Spooner Obits 3
Miscellaneous Tillson Marriages
Rootsweb - Obits Daily

Cemetery Records

Canada - Frontenac Cemetery Inscriptions
IA Cemetery Inscriptions
Epitaphs From Burial Hill
ID Prairie View Cemetery Grangeville
MA Mt Auburn Cambridge Cemetery Inscriptions
ME Lincoln Cemetery Perry
ME W New Portland Cemetery
MI Esmond-Evergreen Cemetery Iosco County
MN Cemetery Inscriptions
MT Missoula and Ravalli County Cemetery Index
MT Stevensville Ravalli County Cemetery Index
NY Saratoga County Cemetery Inscriptions
RI Cemetery Project
UT Cemetery Index
UT Cemetery Inventory
Miscellaneous Spooner Burials
Miscellaneous Spooner References

Census Records

Canadian Censuses
Canadian Censuses 2
ME Eddington Census Data
Miscellaneous Spooner Census Records
1860 Census of OK Indians Territories

Directories & Lists

DAR records
DAR Member Files
Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers
Genealogical register of Plymouth Families
Index of Pioneers from Massachusetts
Iowa Progressive Men
Mayflower Families
MI Newspaper Surname Index
NY Politicians and Postmasters 1898
OH Physician and Dentist Directory 1905
PA Philadelphia Church Records 1709-1760
Pioneers of Massachusetts
Sons of the American Revolution
Utah Pioneers and Prominent Men

Historical Texts

Cambridge MA History
History of Early Chicago IL
History of the Town of Achushnet MA
History of the Town of Hanover, NH
Kansas and Kansans
Northwestern Arkansas History
Plymouth Colony History and People
Tillsons to America
Utah - Our Pioneer Heritage
Ville of Tilston
Virginia's Old Churches

Immigration Records

Canadian Immigration records
Immigrants to New England 1620-1633
Indiana State Immigration Records

Military Records

Spooners in the American Civil War
Andersonville Prisoners of War
Civil War Research Database
Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
Louisiana Confederate Soldiers
Maine Military Men 1917-1918
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution
Massachusetts Army and Navy 1861-1865
Military Records of Acushnet
Minnesota Civil War Soldiers
NB Military Roster June 1891
ND Military Men 1917-1918
OH Military Men 1917-1918
OH Soldiers in the War with Spain 1898-1899
Revolutionary War Officers
Revolutionary War Service Records 1775-1783
RI Colonial War Servicemen 1740-1762
US Military Great White Fleet
US Military Records 1925 National Guard Register
US Naval Deaths WWI
War of 1812 Service Records
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations

Probate Records and Wills

MA Essex County Probate Records 1638-1840
Inventory of William Spooner's Will
MO Livingston County Probate Records
MA Name Changes 1780-1892
MA Middlesex County Probate 1648-1870
MA Middlesex County Probate 1871-1909
NC Will Abstracts 1660-1790
DE Sussex County Probate records 1680-1800
Will of Joseph Spooner
Will of William Spooner
MA Worcester County Probate Records 1731-1881

Town & Vital Records

ID County Free Press VR 1886
MA Applications of Freemen 1630-1691
MA Town records
MI oakland County Vital Records 1800-1917
MA Officials from Acushnet
MA Rehoboth Vital Records 1642-1896
PA Fayette County VR 1750
RI Town records
MA Rochester Vital Records
MA Roxbury Vital Records
ME Saco Valley Settlements and Families
MA Shelburne Vital Records
VA Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800
NV Virgina City Territorial Enterprise 1886-1892
MA Vital Records of Dartmouth

Other References

British Spooners - Misc Notes
Darling Bros: 1956 Steele Diamond Jubilee
Life in the 1500's
My Lincoln Connection
My Mayflower Connection
Plymouth Cordage Company
Relative Terms
Remembrance in Rhyme
Sconticut Neck
Source Documents
Source Notes for Spooner
Spooner Lake
GA Spooner Donalsonville Reunion 1972
Space Station Spooner
Taber Confusion
Two William Spooners of Dartmouth?
Various Societies
The vessel, Mary Celeste